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Thursday, February 3, 2011


I have slippers. I just got them during the holiday break. I was never one for them. I thought only Dads wore them. Older guys who sat in big chairs in the living room and talked about life insurance and smoked a stoggie while playing with their vinyl collection remembering the banking situation of the 1960s. I wasn't one of those guys. But then I was at my sisters place at Christmas time. It was a pretty cold night and I was coming down with something. My Dad found a pair of slippers that were too small for him. I took them. Tried them on. They fit perfectly. Thought I would just use them for the night to keep my feet warm. I ended up taking them home and I've been wearing them ever since. I never knew how warm and benificial these indoor shoes are till I started to wear them everyday. At night, when the day is over, I take them off and I feel the cold air suddenly penetrating against my feet making me realize how much these little guys do to protect my feet. Cool. I run into my bed and race to pull the covers over my legs and again, the cold air can't get to my feet. They're protected again. It wasn't till last weekend when I noticed that I have been wearing these slippers for a two weeks straight. I can't get rid of them. I have a friend for life.

So kids, if you have the same misconception of slippers as I did, try them. For one day. You'll change your mind.

Hello. My name is Shane. 32 years old and I wear slippers. And I like them.