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Sunday, December 19, 2010

veggies and stuff

The one ting I look forward to these days are days after I go out. The days when I can detox and get all the negative substances out of my body. Pork out on fruit, water, tea, veggies, salad, yogurt, juice. I think that people don't realize how good healthy food is. I can live on veggies and fruit. Would I become a veg? No. I love my meat products too much. I tried years ago. Went a full five days then I saw a fast food commercial and had to bite down on some fatty meat laced with sauces, fake processed toppings and most importantly grease. Yum. It's all about balance. Granted, I don't like eating out too much. Take that as you will. But I don't. I rather make something at home and know the ingredients that went into my dish. When I do eat out, I go for the salad. Very few places would I have steak or any other meat products. Speaking of steak, it's around that time of year when I go out for our Keg dinner. A group of us head down to The Keg Mansion and pig out over some hearty steak and wine.