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Sunday, December 19, 2010

dream dream dreamin'

I had a few dreams recently. Don't know what they mean. Most of my dreams are pretty abstract. These two, though were a bit more abstract than usual. Here they are.

I am walking into a bar I frequent. Walking up the street and finally get to the parking lot. The bar is surrounded by a big wooden fence. It looks like the bar was picked up and dropped inside a huge wooden box. I open the fence and walk in. There's a girl there waiting for me outside on the patio. I walk over to talk to her. She's not facing me. I'm only able to see her blond hair. Blowing in the wind. She gives me her hand. She's wearing a mix of pink and purple nail polish and she's talking to me about life. My life. She talks about taking it easy. She says that I have to wait for a while till things get better. What? I ask. She doesn't responds. She sits there silently while looking across the street at a church.

Here's another one.

I'm watching television with my father in his living room in Michigan. I'm laying down on the couch while he's sitting in his spot of his couch. We're talking. As I look at him, his face changes. He's getting older. Then younger. Looks like he's going from 20 years old to 50 in a matter of seconds. Then back again. He starts to disappear. I then notice that he's not gone. I yell out for him. He comes back. This time he walks off.

I wake up.