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Monday, December 20, 2010

morning time with yogi.

Went to watch a Yogi Bear in 3D with the nephew today. Was planning on doing an afternoon gig, but realized when I checked the times, that they were showing it in the morning. At 11.45. The earliest I've ever gone for a flick. Got there. The doors had just opened. A few kids and parents by toe entered and headed straight to the first theater after buying their entry. It's a whole different box of candy and bag of popcorn when you go to the movies with the kids. It's OK to talk. To make noise. To have your kids runaround and talk to strangers. Overall, however, the children were well behaved and I was able to watch the movie in relative peace.

The movie? It was Good. If it wasn't in 3D I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much. Crazy how 3D movies can keep a grown guy entertained for almost two hours. There's some adult humor. Along with kid humor. It wasn't till half way through I remembered that this is a kids movie. I can't think too much about it - as a big person, It's very predictable. But if you suspend reality for a while and think like the little dudes sitting beside you, you will fall back into the tot clothes and really enjoy this movie. You will laugh at the kid-like stunts and humor. You will be scared when Yogi flies. You will want to own a turtle.

It was a good day with the nephew and I'm happy I took him.