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Monday, December 20, 2010

the headache of the holidays

I get a headache when I think of the future. Always around this time. Too many things to remember. So many things to do. So many things going on. Before you know it, it's past you. You crash down on the couch and think back. Wow. These two weeks have flown by. We're already in the second week of the New Year. It's the time leading up to the special dates that bother me. I get tired faster. I get sweaty, bloated and anxious. I don't like being around many people. I hate crowds. Especially in malls. Two negatives don't always make a right. I hate headaches. I try to escape for a bit and go to my room. Close the door, turn on some nature sounds and curl up in my bed. I try to take a nap. Get a fiver in. Wake up. Lay there and think to myself that I should be out there. Fighting the good fight. With my family and friends. I get up and try give it another try. But before I know it, two hours sweep by and I'm back to square one. In Bed. People have their own personal reasons why these few weeks give them a headache. Why they want to hide away in their room all day and not even give it a chance to go downstairs to fight that fight. They hibernate or they try to escape. Somewhere hotter, colder, somewhere in between. As long as they're alone. Privacy isn't always the best answer around these days. I personally have never spent the holidays alone. Always been around people. It isn't the people around me that gets me sweaty, bloated and anxious. It's the whole concept of the holidays. The ideals that are supposed to be held up and brought to the table during these days. The exercises that are supposed to be exercised. The things that are supposed be said. And thought. And reminded of. And shared. These are the things that give people. Like me a headache. Worrying about what will happen. If these days will go off without a hitch. If anything will go down. I've realized that stressing about these two weeks that go by faster than a hurricane, is like stressing over a band-aid getting ripped off. It takes a second and before you know it. It's done. However, leading up to that painful moment, can always hurt. It's one of those times when you forget how fast it goes by but thankful that it does. The headache starts again. Just wondering if I am right.