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Saturday, September 5, 2009

keeping it real...

Things happen for a good reason. Things do happen for a time in your life, when you think you need it but conscientiously you don't know it. Or you tend to forget about it. Or, you just ignore it and then the wheel goes downward. I feel like that. Going downward. Things are good. Life is good. Friends are awesome. Family life is good. Things are OK. That's for now. I feel like things could be going down that downward spiral where my life could take that drastic spiral downward turn where I won't have any conscience recollection of what happened. Like what went down two years ago. Don't want to be part of THAT again. This time, I have my creative escapes - writing, painting, gardening. I know how to divulge my feelings. I know how to express myself. It's all good. But is it really? I think too much. We think too much just to be able to create something original. Hence, the whole line of there's a fine line between a genius and a madman. Some people would call Marley or Dylan or Hendrix mad men in their life. We think of them as genius'. Before their time. Sure, thinking of myself in that type of spectrum would build up my ever growing man ego, but alas. I need to get back to reality.

As a human culture, we tend to use or see the negative before checking out the light. It's human nature. I think I'm checking out the negative before checking out the light, but I'm finding that I'm getting to a point where there's a bunch of negative power in my life (which I will divulge in at a later time. Over beer. Over shots. In a quiet room.) that I need to make a step to better myself. Spiritually.

As I always say. Keep It Real. That's what I'm doing. I trust these moves will help me progress. And evolve. And learn. Learning the most. I need to learn. Funny, how after 31 years of life, you tend realize that you don't have everything you've learned yet. It softens your ego. Makes you feel weak. Sucks. Anyway. I'm good. Just give me some time. Thanks.