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Monday, August 31, 2009

soul system..

My stomach was hurting today. It was moving around. Up and Down. Sideways. All over. It was odd. I'm not sick. I don't think. I think I'm just thinking too much. Thinking about things. Thinking about stuff that I shouldn't be. I just can't stop thinking about it. It's something that will be thought about for a while. It's going to happen. I know it'll pass, too. I just have to trust in that.

Head hurts, too. It's all about what's going on right now. Nothing major. Just regular growing pains. Pains I've had so many times before but it's just has to come back sometimes to remind you that you're human and everyone goes through it. We are human. Funny that sometimes we tend to think we're an experimental force on this world greater than any other creature, plant, body of water. We tend to forget that we're as vulnerable, sensitive, caring, loving, and emotional than other creatures and living organisms. We just show it a different way. We choose to forget that we're human. When something happens, we remember that we do bleed, cry, laugh and everything in between. At first it's the shock that we're actually feeling something about something that you didn't think will ever again. Then reality sets in. Finally we start to deal with it. Find out how to progress and evolve. The funny thing is though that even though in the great scheme of things, the situation might seem the same. It's not. Different players. Different stage. Different script. We have to learn from our past and use those experiences to learn how to change this one. It's harder than it sounds. What I do is either walk away from it for a while. Like how I do with my painting. I start a piece. Finish it. Walk away then come back to it a few days later and see a totally different canvas. Totally different idea on what I should do. Life is like that. Keeping a clear sober mind on things that are bothering you is very important. If it's not coming. Take a break. Come back to it later. Life isn't too hard. We just have to learn how to take control of it better and remember we're part of the universe and it will always be there to help us out.