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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

miles jones is...

This afternoon I was waiting for my Mom to come home so we can go out for dinner. As she walked into the door, I ran upstairs to greet her. She had picked up the mail and left it on the kitchen counter. I looked over. On top there were the obvious bills that are always sent and then underneath the depressing news, was a brown package. It had my name on it. I opened it and was pleased to find a copy of "Miles Jones is Runaway Jones" from Mojo Recordings and Publishing and Urbnet Records. The record features a mixed bag of local top production heavyweights including our friend, DJ Serious, the legendary Mr. Attic, Black Milk, and Natural Diggers. The album also features a hot track with underground mainstay Percee P called Rhyme Like This which is a slow soul type joint that compliments both Jones and Percee's rhyming styles. The tracks on this album are all over production wise. Obviously, with the versatile production lineup, but also with the wonderful versatile showing of Jones' rhyming capabilities.

I was shocked with the heavy beat given by DJ Serious in his track Runaway which was an unexpected surprise. I have to say that the track took a couple of listens to really get used to. Same thing goes for Enter Time Machine and Never Wrong. It's refreshing to see talent try new things to evolve their craft, however it sometimes comes as a shock which kinda makes you not want to listen for a while. The open minded music fan will really enjoy this album. For me, My favorite tracks are the slower, funkier singles like Say What featuring Shad K with production from Slakah The BeatChild and the dope NuSoul track, No More featuring Marinda who has a refreshing jazzy voice that can warm any soul. Like, Jones, I'm sure you'll be hearing much more from that diva in the making.

Jones, who also heads up Mojo Recordings and Publishing is a very talented artist who produced two tracks on this album (Again and Things You Do). As I wrote yesterday, it's been a great year for Canadian Hip Hop. ...Runaway Jones is another example of what great roots we have growing in our own backyard that must get more sun, water and love. With the right food and attention, Jones will blossom into something beautiful.