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Thursday, July 2, 2009

music and money dream..

The last week has been tough and I've had a few music industry type dreams to prove what's going on in my insides. A few nights ago I had a weird music dream where I was someone's manager. Last night, I was again a manager. I also had a dream, that I some money from The Gloved One. Here they are..

I'm in a small nightclub and a small room. The lights are out. All dark. Suddenly, strobe lights are going around and around of all colors. Pink, Blue, Yellow, Green, Red. I see a small silhouette of a girl dancing and singing into a microphone. She sounds good. I tell her to sing louder and into the microphone. The lights go on. I'm actually in a studio behind the production board. I'm her producer. She takes a cup of water and we go again. She starts to sing again. The place gets all dark. The lights go back on. We're rocking out to the beat of the song. It's soft, acid jazz type beat. It's nice. She's waving her hair back and forth singing at the top of her lungs. I wake up.

I'm sitting in a basement with a friend of mine. He's an emcee. He's sitting on a chair by his desk while I'm lying on the couch. We're writing lyrics to one of his new tracks. We're listing to the beat over and over again. Trying to think of something to put down on paper. I suddenly start dozing off. We're both tired. We lay there for a while while he nods off. Later, he comes up to me and tells me to call him tomorrow. He goes inside his room to crash. I wake up and look in the guest room. I see my father. We're getting ready to leave. We don't want to overstay our welcome. As we leave, we go back to our hotel. I guess we're not in Toronto? I take a shower and then leave the room. I end up in a conference room where I'm asking people to donate to a good cause. Don't know what the good cause is, but it's for something. I have a donation box. I leave it on a table and then to go to the washroom. When I return, I see someone put some money in there. $400 smackers. The girl who was watching the box for me said it was Michael Jackson who donated the money. She hands me a note from The King. It says to watch out for the money and make sure it goes to a good cause.

I wake up.