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Monday, June 29, 2009

never can say goodbye

Last week was a hell of a week for loosing some of the top entertainers in the world. I was effected by all of them. But like many, Michael Jackson's passing hit me the most. Farrah and Ed's deaths were expected. You knew it was coming, even though it was still very sad news that we lost two legends. Jackson's wasn't. It's not like he was in the hospital or had cancer or was old. He was getting ready for a summer long concert series to say farewell to the millions around the world who spent generations listening to his music. 40 years worth. When the death was confirmed, I needed to get out of the house. I knew if I were at my house by myself for the rest of the night I would get depressed. I got on the bus and went to meet some friends at a local bar. As I was on the bus listening to my mp3 player, the songs on my headphones weren't the ones I was thinking about. It was the memories and Jackson's soundtrack playing in my head. Thought about the time when I stayed up to watch the Thriller Premier on NBC. Remembered how Thriller was my first LP. How Jackson taught me to dance, going over to my cousins to watch Much Music tapes of Michael Jackson videos. I thought of how Man in The Mirror was an inspirational tune and how I remember watching the premier of the Black and White video and remembered the controversy that followed after.

I can't remember a time when Michael Jackson wasn't part of my life.

On Friday I listened to a bunch of Jackson's material. However, I thought of other music legends, giants and icons who we've lost. I thought of the icons that are still here. I thought of how heaven's concert hall just got an iconic headliner.

I'm sure Michael Jackson is still going to do the tour up there and if we listen very very close, we would be able to hear Beat It ringing through the clouds and footsteps pressing down on Heaven's floor while Jackson does what he knows how to do the best - entertain millions while the fans scream in admiration and love.