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Monday, June 29, 2009

vmt: a jackson tribute

As the world mourns Michael Jackson, I thought it would be a great time to celebrate Jackson's life with a Virtual Mixtape where we will showcase some of Jackson's little less known tracks, some of his popular songs and songs used Jackson beats to make up their songs DNA. I'm also going to put on some artists that were inspired by Jackson. It's a spacial Michael Jackson VMT celebrating an icon and the life of a true music legend. On a sidenote, it's incredible to research Jackson's material. How much music he made in a forty year time span. Even his collaboration list is pretty impressive. I might get carried away with this tracklist, but I'll try not to. It was just fun checking out some of his old tunes. Let's start kicking this off in memory of Michael Joe Jackson. Let's go..

Come Together - Michael Jackson
Come Together - The Beatles
One More Chance - The Jackson Five
Rockin' Robin - The Jackson Five
Human Nature - Michael Jackson
It Ain't Hard to Tell - Nas
Right Here - SWV
Girlfriend - Paul McCartney and Wings
Billy Jean - Ian Brown
Do It Again - Steely Dan
Breakadawn - De La Soul
Letter to My Unborn Child - 2Pac
Liberian Girl - Michael Jackson
You Rock My World - Michael Jackson
I'll Be There - The Jackson Five
You'll Like It Too - Funkadelic
I Want You Back - The Jackson Five
Just Good Friends - Stevie Wonder feat. Michael Jackson
Say Say Say - Micheal Jackson and Paul McCartney
Ben - Michael Jackson
The Lady In My Life - Michael Jackson
Hey Lover - LL Cool J
With a Child's Heart - Michael Jackson
Farewell My Summer Love - The Jackson Five
Earth Song - Michael Jackson
We Are the World - USA for Africa