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Thursday, June 25, 2009

how hard is hard?

Sometimes I wonder if I should post more serious news articles on the site. I've never rally wanted to make this site a place to be serious. It's a place to escape. Read about lifestyle, entertainment type stories with some of me mixed in to it all. I read every day about what's going on in Iran and around the world and think that I should help educate people - I try to make this site very edutaining - but how hardcore is hardcore when it comes to posting news stories relevant to my reading population and myself? Blogs are usually an extension of oneself. Another part of you showcased for the world to see. What I post on here is what I'm interessted, which means I really should post more serious news articles, but really. Don't you come here to get away from that stuff? I read an article earlier on today (which inspired this post) about how the women and men in Iran are protesting together. It was pretty inspiring and uplifting to read. I wanted to post it on here. Didn't know if I should. I ended up just making it a link on my Facebook for my friends to check out. Does it have a place on here? To be mixed up with my music videos, gossip spreads, radio tidbits and dream decays? I still have to think about it. However, I do know that this is my site and whatever I want I will post. We'll see how I come up with a resolution for this one. I'm weighing heavily on posting some stories on here in the coming weeks. Don't know for sure, though. What do you think?