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Thursday, June 25, 2009

pride for no parades...

Pride is this weekend. I've only been to one of the parades. Years ago. Like maybe 9? 8? Not too sure. It's been a while. It's crazy downtown on the day of the parade. It was a great day though. It was a really hot sunny Saturday and we got off at Bloore and walked south till we hit the parade route. I picked up my Kool and The Gang Celebration 12" that day from Play De. I'm not one for parades, though. I think a couple of years ago was the first Santa Claus parade I went to in eons. I even don't go to the smaller ones around my area even if they're right down my street. Can't be bothered. Don't know why, but I've never been down with parades. Don't really get it. Sit there and watch people do funny stuff and wave. Yeah. OK. Still. Don't get it. I get the fact that it's a nice day to get out of the house and do nifty stuff on the street, but otherwise no. There's no real audience participation to make it appeasing enough for me. Take me to a food festival any day. Or the Word on the Street or some kind of carnival. For sure. I'm all over that. But parades? Nah, Dude. Not my cup of tea. I support the gay community enough by fighting for same sex marriages and reading Perez' blog (even though I would've punched him, too.) I don't feel like walking around all day in a cramped, half nude atmosphere watching people being extra extroverted then regularly just to prove a point that they don't go by mainstream standards.

I'm sure I wouldn't even go to a support hip hop bloggers parade. It's just not me. Maybe someone will convince me to go to one one of these days and maybe my mind will change but right now, I'll watch it on TV. Thanks for asking.