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Monday, May 18, 2009

casie can write.

I was talking to my sister today on the phone. She said she was looking through some of the old boxes and she found something that I must've wrote and it was really funny. She said that she'll bring it with her next time she visits next week. I'll scan it when she does bring it to share with all of you. I wish I still had some of my older stuff. My stuff that I did when I was like 15 or 13 or 10 or even 8. My Mom tells me that I wrote some of my best material back then. I guess when you grow up you loose all that honesty and innocence in how you convey your feelings. Sad. I try not to. When I write, I try to be as honest as possible. Keep It Real, right? Well, that reminded me of this post from fellow blogger Casie Stewart. This video she posted of something she wrote at the age of 14 or something inspired me. Hope it inspires you.

What I think (1996) from Casie Stewart on Vimeo.