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Monday, May 18, 2009

if i were an artist..

Sometimes I feel like an artist. My page is my album. My posts are my singles. My server is my label. My thoughts are my lyrics. Sometimes I feel like I need that creative thinking to make me continue to write. Continue to feel like I'm touching peoples lives. Doing this because they love it. Someone reads this after all, right? If I were an emcee, or a producer or a singer I would have good work ethic. Never stop working. Never stop releasing material. Just like how I do on here. Everyday I try to have one original piece. One thing for everyone to read. One thing which will contain something new to elevate the mind. Progress the thought process. If I were an artist, my page would be my canvas. My words will be my paint. My keyboard would be my paintbrush. If I were a painter, I would also do art shows. At least once a month. If I were a fashion designer, My clothes would be my blog. The fabric would be my posts, my fingers would be my thread sowing together a long string of words that will become one huge beautiful shirt, or hat or sweater or jacket or maybe even a quilt. If I were...well, I'm a writer. I'm happy about that. But just imagine if I were an artist.