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Monday, May 18, 2009

two gone from 'fi, streek edge's out...

As per the classic radio rule of making people without able to say goodbye leaving the listener always wondering if their favorite announcer will be returning from vacation, a few little moves occurred on local radio in the past couple of weeks that I thought I should mention.

Longtime CHFI niceguy Bob Magee and late night love talker Don Jackson have both left the 'FI booth after years of service. Rumor is that it's due budget cuts. There's talk that you can hear Don Jackson now only online with no word yet on where Magee will wind up. Magee has been with CHFI since 2003 while Jackson was known as the host of FI's landmark night show Lovers and Other Strangers.

Meanwhile over at The Edge, one of the last remaining announcers from the golden days of 102.1, Martin Streek was also given his walking papers in recent weeks. There's no reason why he was let go and no word yet on where he'll possibly wind up. Most likely online radio? Streek was known for his weekly countdown show Thursday 30 and also was known across town for his live-to-air broadcasts. Is there any other reason now to listen to 102? Well, there hasn't been since Howard and Fred left.