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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

native tongues...

That's why the Native Tongues have officially been re-instated

More of my little breakdown of favorite hip hop. First I dealt with the years. Then, the producers. Now the crews. Maybe I'll do more about my favorite crews in Hip Hop next week, but this week, we're dealing with a crew that most of its members were very inspirational to me in a time in Hip Hop culture was inspiring. To me, The Native Tongues (made up of originally Jungle Brothers, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, and later brought along new members including Queen Latifah, Moni Love, Leaders of the New School, Black Sheep and even Common and Black Star) made me fall in love with H.E.R.

In an age when I couldn't really understand the conscience heavy lyrics of BDP or PE, or the West Coast gangbanging stuff, I found Tribe, De La and Queen to be just fun Hip Hop. It was when I was listening to De La's Three Feet High and Rising LP when I realized I really did love this artform. It was when I listening to Scenario - which is named one of the most important tracks of its time in Hip Hop, when I did my first sketch piece under the tag Wise One. I fell in love with both Queen and Moni. Jungle Brothers always put out good material. They all were independently fierce which made them even more dangerous when they got together. They made original music that made me want more of this Hip Hop music. As time progressed, I got more into the other types of Hip Hop. Even the BDP's, The PE's and even the NWA's.

And it all started with the birth of the soul children.

Here are some of my top tracks from The Native Tongue crew.

Buddy - De La Soul featuring Jungle Brothers and Q-Tip

Mama Gave Birth to the Soul Children - Queen Latifah featuring De La Soul
Ladies First - by Queen Latifah featuring Monie Love
Scenario - A Tribe Called Quest featuring Leaders of the New School
Roll wit tha Flava - The Flavor Unit MCs feat. Treach, Chip-Fu, Freddie Foxxx, Queen Latifah, Heavy D, D-Nice, and Dres
How Ya Want It We Got It (Native Tongues Remix) - Jungle Brothers featuring Q-Tip and De La Soul
The Questions - Common featuring Mos Def & Monie Love
Where Are They Now? (Remix) - Nas featuring Mike G, Dres, Das EFX, Positive K, EST, DoItAll, Chip Fu, Monie Love, Father MC, Spinderella, Rob Base, and Redhead Kingpin