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Sunday, November 2, 2008

vmt: the producers battle..

As previously posted, There was a little battle last month in Toronto that matched two of the best producers in Hip Hop together. This inspired this week's Virtual Mix Tape. I'm going to run down my favorite tracks from my favorite producers and then I'll let ya know who is my favorite.

Pete Rock

T.R.O.Y - Pete Rock and CL Smooth
Shut 'Em Down - Public Enemy (Pete Rock Remix)
Down with the King - RUN DMC
Half Man Half Amazing - Pete Rock feat. Method Man
Mecca and the Soul Brother - Pete Rock and CL Smooth
Respiration - Blackstarr (Pete Rock Remix)

Pete Rock was part of one of my favorite Hip Hop groups. The beat to T.R.O.Y still gets emotional shouts in the air whenever it's played at a show. Pete Rock is the ruler for the soul beats. Much like Premier, you know when you hear a Rock track. It has Soul Brother Number One written all over it.

Prince Paul

The Best Part - J-Live
The More You Know - De La Soul
Gas Face - 3rd Bass
Prince Among Thieves - Prince Paul
Men in Blue - Everlast
What I Need - Kardinal Offishall

For originality and innovation, Prince Paul takes the cake. He is maybe one reason why I fell in love with Hip Hop. He was the brainchild behind my favorite De La album and also the man who held the boards on my favorite 3rd Bass joint. Prince Paul is definitely I'll always look at as someone who helped me gain appreciation for cuts and using samples to your own creative advantage.

DJ Premier

I Gave You Power - Nas
Rappers R N Dainja - KRS-One
It's Been a Long Time - Rakim
Ten Crack Commandments - Notorious B.I.G
Livin' Proof - Group Home
Jazz Thing - Gangstar

DJ Premier is my favorite producer of all time. Fine. I said it. Primo is the man. Unlike Pete Rock, Premier is good at making full classic albums and making them legendary. Unlike other producers on this list, except for maybe Dilla, you can listen to a Pete Rock instrumental and still enjoy it as much as you would the track with vocals. His constant grimy, hard, street sound type of production grows on you fast when you can't get enough.

Jay Dilla

Climax - Slum Village
Stakes is High - De La Soul
The Light - Common
Got Till Its Gone - Janet Jackson
The Red - Jaylib
U Love - Jay Dilla

Dilla will always be one of my favorites. What he knew what to do best was to paint the mood. His beats set a mood for you and you were able to gravitate even deeper into the track. His innovative ways of production were used way too soon in the game that not many were able to truly appreciate his progressive ways. Most heads thought he was a madman, but then again, most think genius' are.