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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

vmt: 88vs94

A few days ago, I posted a link to the Real Frequency's talk about the best year in Hip Hop. It got me thinking. This is why for this weeks Virtual Mixtape, I'm going to do it up in two parts. My favorite tracks from 1988 and my top joints form 1994. Then I'll let you in on what I thought of both years. Cool? Cool. Here we go.


Night of the Living Baseheads - Public Enemy

You Gotz to Chill - EPMD
I'm Still #1 - Boogie Down Productions
Ain't No Half Steppin' - Big Daddy Kane
Follow The Leader - Eric B and Rakim
This is Something for the Radio - Biz Markie
Mary Mary - RUN DMC
Parents Just Don't Understand - DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince
Pure Righteousness - Lakim Shabazz
Truly Yours - Kool G Rapp and DJ Polo


Supa Star - Group Home
You're All I Need to Get By - Method Man feat Mary J Blige
Mad Izm - Krs-One feat. Channel Live
9th Wonder - Digable Planets
NY State of Mind - Nas
Flava in the Ear - Craig Mac feat Notorious B.I.G, Busta Rhymes
D. Original - Jeru tha Damaja
The Most Beautifulist Thing In the World -Keith Murray
That's How It Is - Casual
Buck Em Down - Blackmoon

I got into Hip Hop in 1998 so I might have a sentimental reason to say why this is my favorite year in Hip Hop. However, I also find that 1988 was a year that saw the artform progress and found a lot of revolutionary bands coming out at that time that started a trend that still hasn't ended in Hip Hop. 1988 saw a Renaissance in Hip Hop. It was the beginning of the conscience rhymes. The political rhymes. The Afrocentric rhymes. It was the start of producers changing up the face of old school Hip Hop production which still has effected the Hip Hop game all these years later. 88 was the year of the beginnings. It was the leader that people still choose to follow.

1994, even though I think was a much better year in Music in general, wasn't really as revolutionary in Hip Hop for me. To me, 1994 Hip Hop was the year where we were just spoiled as music fans being given so many great artists with so many quality projects. It was also to me, the year of the beatmakers - especially DJ Premier. Looking back at 1994 what stood out the most for me were the beats. Not so much the rhymes - as I would say which was more prevalent in 1988. '94 had some classic albums that I can listen to front to back and back to front, never getting tired of one track, however, it wasn't as big to me as a year where it progressed the culture at all. Just a bunch of great material that we still love to this day.

I got to say though, it's a good matchup. Two magical years that made me love H.E.R even more.