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Sunday, October 12, 2008

a bunch of dreaming going on..

I think I'm thinking too much about stuff I shouldn't be thinking about too much. Stuff that I'm making complicated because I'm thinking too much about it. Taking nothing and turning it into something. That's what this one dream told me as I awoke the other day.

It wasn't really one dream. It was a bunch of dreams made up in a second but had a bunch of meaning behind them. They were pretty cool, odd and crazy at all the same time.

Here are the highlights.

My mom and I are driving down on a long highway at night. It's raining hard. We're fighting the rain pellets so we can see where we're going. Suddenly, there's a break in the rain and we see a rainbow. At night. It was beautiful. According to the Dream Moods Dictionary, to dream about a rainbow means "much hope, success and good fortune in the form of money, prestige, or fame. The rainbow is a bridge between your earthly, grounded self and the higher, spiritual self."

Another one had me at work sitting on the ground. I'm drinking Timmy's coffee and working. I'm typing extra fast and talking to co-workers. None of us have a table work on. All of us on the floor. Working. I get up and I enter the lunch room which is a huge white room with a satellite over the coffee machine. I turn around and then head back to my spot on the ground. To dream about a floor "represents your support. It may also represent the division between the unconscious and conscious."

The last one of the night during this whole mishmash of different conscienceless visions, was the weirdest one. I'm in a huge hallway drinking ice tea and looking for something. I see a bunch of people crowded around a little TV set. Kinda like when people gathered around on the street to watch news coverage of a breaking story. I break through the whole crowd to check out what's happening. I make it to the front and I realize they're watching me. My life. What I was doing just hours ago. The people don't clue in that I'm there with them watching my life unfold along with the huge population of this unknown town I'm in. Supposedly, dreaming that you're watching TV means "your brain, mind and its flowing thoughts. It shows how you are receiving, integrating, and expressing your ideas and thoughts"....