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Monday, October 13, 2008

thanks for the election?

Again, Happy Thanksgiving all you crazy Canuks. The election is tomorrow. I know who I'll be voting for. Do you? Are you going to talk about tonight while munching down on turkey and stuffing? Are you going to use it to pass Grandpa's old boxing stories you've heard 20 times already?

It's Thanksgiving. Lets skip the election talk. Even thought it's real life and is something that shouldn't be ignored it's talk that should be set on a different occasion. You don't want to get into a fight with Brother Joe because you're talking about the health care issue and then choke on a breast.

A great radio announcer once said that he never liked to talk about politics and religion because those are the two topics that separate people. I agree that this saying holds true on certain days. Thanksgiving being one of them. You have many other days throughout the year where you can munch down on some good grub and talk about NDP jerks and Conservative crumbs. Let's keep these special dinner days for times to reflect, enjoy family comapany and focus on positive issues and let's leave real life issues on the doorstep for the night.

Have a good dinner, folks. Be thankful we're able to vote tomorrow but let's not mention it. At least for the night. Thanks.