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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

the spray paint dream..

Couple of odd dreams last night. Again. The first one is called the spray paint dream. Here is how it goes..

I'm painting - which is not unusual since I just started to paint again, recently. I pick up a spray can and started to spray lines as if I'm doing up a piece on a wall and doing the outlines. But the thing is, I'm spraying into the air. Nothing to catch the little color shots of yellow rushing out of the little can. I then find a mesh door beside me and I start to use that as my canvas. I continue to make outlines barely reflected through the mesh. Just seeing little dots of leftover yellow randomly placed on the sliding door. I pick up another can and continue to spray. By this time, I got a good outline coming along. I run out of paint and the next thing I know I'm back to my oil painting.

I wake up.

Checked it out on a dream dictionary site..Looks like "to dream that you use the brush yourself, denotes that you will be well pleased with your present occupation."