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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

the hair dream..

This is the second dream I had last night that I thought was kinda odd. A lot of my dreams lately have been odd. Lots on my mind, I guess. Either that, or there's a lot the inner me is trying to tell me or warn me about. Either way, they're pretty cool dreams. Here's how the hair dream goes.

I'm standing in front of the mirror. Looking at myself. Must be getting ready to head out. I realize I have hair. Just shaved it a a few weeks back. I start to play with it. By the second it's growing longer and longer and longer until my bouncy black hair is reaching the floor. I look like an East Indian rock star from the early 80's minus the long mustache and sideburns. I'm wearing a tux also and black shoes. Shiny shoes.

I wake up to feel my head and realize that I shaved my head. I suddenly miss long hair.

According to a dream dictionary, a man dreaming having long hair represents "that he wants more freedom and independence."