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Thursday, June 27, 2013

come out and play..

Working on another computer takes some getting used to. My computer got ill last night. She's going into the hospital today. They say it should be a quick overnight stay. She'll be good to go by the weekend. Let's hope.Made eggs, having my coffee. Surfing the web. Making typos along the way as I'm still trying to get the knack of this keyboard.

Can't wait to wear my Macho Man shirt. The pink one. The one he used to rock back in the 80s. I got Macho merch yesterday as part of an early Birthday gift. Also in the pack was a Vintage Series Macho Man Savage dol ..umm -  action figure. He's standing by my favourite picture of my nephew, a few of my paintings and my two framed records.  Macho is still in his case. Don't want to take him out. I think I'll leave him in there. However, the 10 year old in me wants to rip open the package so Macho can once again fly in the air only to land an elbow drop onto my bed.

Growing is essential. Just don't ignore that kid inside of you  who wants to come out and play.