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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

blog culture.

My 9-5 involves me teaching people about blog culture. From creating the site to coming up with content to marketing and maintaining the site to hopefully making it profitable for the small business owner. While the tech world keeps changing daily, I'm always learning  new ways to innovate and  to handle the blog. The `cheats' - as I like to call 'em, make it unnecessary that one will need to put in work to actually do anything I'm teaching right now.

Reminds me when radio became automated.

And it sucks.

For me, back in 2005,  The Blog let me exercise my writing abilities and to use my creativity to keep the page looking fresh. It's the man power I have put in since then that got me here.

Kinda like how my many nights doing overnight board work at CJEZ got me to understand the studio and on-air philosophy in radio, the rookies need to put in the work, without the shortcuts the internet is coming up with these days.

As a great Boogie Down rapper once said, you got to Build ya Skills.

My advice to my clients and new bloggers, is to start off the way I did. Put in the work. Create, Design and Market your site yourself. Once you understand the philosophy and culture, then you can look outside for a quicker way to update. I still do everything on here and my other blogs myself. First because it's still fun. Secondly, because I'm just a picky creative guy like that...

Pardon the rant. Just something that's been on my mind.

Had to write about it.