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Thursday, March 22, 2012

winding down with white

I usually don't drink at home. I like to leave it as a social tool rather than an every day must. I guess blame it on the nicer weather and some leftovers from previous house parties, I have had some alcohol in the house. A couple nights ago, after a 3 mile afternoon hike, I came home and enjoyed a beer. Tonight, I'm drinking some white wine. It was a long day and with the sun gazing down it takes more out of you. I don't really drink wine, but it was there and I was in the mood. I'm finding it nice to have a glass of something before hitting the sack. Calms the nerves. Maybe it's going to become a constant thing in the house. Maybe not. I'm just going to enjoy this. Out in the backyard with the glass and the cool air. Relaxed.