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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

tomorrow to live

Need to shave. My neck is itchy. Sitting in bed. Computer in lap. Wasting time till Law and Order comes on. That half hour of free time between Modern Family and SVU is tough. Need to keep occupied. So I don't fall asleep. I decided to go downstairs, grab my laptop, bring it upstairs and write from my bed. Before 10pm. My writing skills test for the day, I'll call it. Davy Jones dies and Snooki is preggos. Sometimes, the world doesn't make sense. Not that I'm hating on Snooki. Well. I am a bit. I just don't think she's ready. I don't know her personally, but it's obvious that the part she plays on TV isn't ready to be a mother. What will MTV do? While the little ginoette is pregnant, she won't be able to play Snooki and cause drama with her other immature, no talent DTF friends.The world is ending. Sure of it. Maybe this whole 2012 thing is true. What? 10 months left, now? Crazy. What shall we do? I won't bother to think too much about it. I have a blog to write. SVU to watch. Tomorrow to live. Some Monkees tunes to listen to. And before all that, I need to shave. The neck is itchy.