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Monday, February 27, 2012

how the light gets in.

Things could always be better. That's when we try to hit perfection. But is there really perfection? As the great Mr. Cohan once sang, there's a hole in everything. That's how the light gets in. There's a few holes in my main wall right now. That's how the light is getting in. Things could be worse. Overall, it ain't half bad. Zooming by. This year is going by fast. Faster than last year it seems. Sometimes it boggles my mind that every year has 365 days. Same hours in the day since the beginning of time, but it seems like time is just going by faster. Seconds getting faster. Days getting shorter. Nights faster. I blame the natural disasters and them screwing up the earths speed. At least that's how I relate this whole dilemma. As fast as the days are zooming by, I'm keeping up speed and making do with what time we do have. Balance is key. Balancing your wants and needs and keeping them in order. Doing what needs to be done, then doing what you want to do. All before the 24 hour mark. As much as I find it stressful or too busy or hectic at times, I find time to see the light coming through.

I leave you now with Anthem. Take it away, Sir.