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Monday, January 9, 2012

so much promise..

I got this screencap from a video I posted a while ago of the 2000 416 Graffiti Expo which was a yearly event held in downtown Toronto. Goodtimes. I had just graduated Trebas from their Music Business program and was just getting my legs wet in the concert promotions pool. I was meeting great people, listening to my favourite type of music and giving back to the culture I loved so much. Crazy how times flies Crazy how things change. Almost 12 years later. Older. A bit fatter and have evolved from the young B-Boy I once was into someone who has more of an understanding of what Hip Hop culture has done for me and where it sits in my life. And I think that's a good thing. It's always good to know where you sit in relationships. If it's a person or a intangible spiritual belief. The picture reminds me of passion, and love and loyalty and how hard work pays off. The sweat and tears I poured out that summer was crazy. But well worth it. Because of all that, I helped deliver some of the best Hip Hop shows Toronto had ever seen. And I'm proud of that. There was promise inside of me knowing I would make a difference. Looking back, I know I did. Big or small, I helped someone look at the culture I loved, differently. Now, with all that love of the past, It's time to look forward.