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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

forgot the isolation.

Spending the afternoon at the local Starbucks reading and catching up on some work. Forgot my headphones. Kinda sucks since I was looking forward to some alone time with Ella. At least they've got a cool Jazz CD playing. I still need to find a coffee house where they still play vinyl instead of these new CD things that the kids are playing with. There was this one bar I knew a while ago that had a record player. We used to go in for some pints and test out the new records we had bought that day from the store down the street. That was a good summer. Listened to a lot of Radiohead and Michael Stipe and Jurassic Five. The bar has since closed. Bummer.

The afternoon out is always good. New scenery. Getting out of the norm. Too much of the regular is never good. Change it up a bit and try something new. It'll keep ya on your toes. Even something as small and insignificant as changing up your drink order. Does wonders. Today I tired the new mocha. I heard my regular Chai was calling my name. I tried to ignore it. Maybe next time I go up we'll reunite.

They changed the CD.. It's some bad commercial folk. I don't recognize it. Now, I wish I had brought my headphones.