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Monday, December 19, 2011

top albums for 2011..

It has been a great year for music this year. I was satisfied with digging into all parts of the musical globe and picking up gems and future classic releases. I must say, I'm extra happy for Toronto. The world is finally starting to understand that Canada has a cool sound. Anyway, Here's my top 10 releases for 2010.

10. Bon Iver - Bon Iver
A great mid-year release for me to cool out to. Tracks of Note: Perth, Calgary, Berth, Rest.

9.  Hot Sauce Committee Part II - Beastie Boys 
Some might have forgotten this album dropped this year as it was released so early and the singles were released during the summer of 2010. Anyway, dope album that didn't get as much love as it deserved. Tracks of Note: Too Many Rappers, Crazy Ass Shit, OK.

8. Simple Math - Manchester Orchestra 
Another cool-out record that was dropped this year. Thinking music. Tracks of Note: Simple Math, Leave it Alone, Pale Black Eye.

7.  Charity Stars at Home - Phonte 
The album was the beginning for me this year to realize that Hip Hop is coming back strong in 2011 with quality releases. A record I still love bumping on a weekend afternoon coolin' out. Tracks of Note: To be Yours, The Good Fight, The Life of Kings.

6.  21 - Adele 
It was so tough to number the following releases. Any one of the following could easy be my favourite of the year and in some respects, 21 was my favourite of the year. But I digress. So goes such a competitive year in music. Tracks of Note: Lovesong, Turning Tables, Someone Like You.

5. El Camino - The Black Keys 
They're still on a hot streak and the kids love them. A great follow-up to Brothers. Tracks of Note: Lonely Boy, Little Black Submarines, Dead and Gone.

4. Metals - Feist 
 Love this album. Still listen to it at least twice a week. I will never get tired of her voice. Music needs more smart women like hrt. Tracks of Note: Graveyard, Anti-Power, The Bad in Each Other.

3. Undun - The Roots 
Soulful journey. Great musical experience. Still get that thing in my stomach when I listen to it. Must have for any Roots fan. Tracks of Note:  I Remember, The OtherSide, Sleep.

2. Elmatic - Elzhi
Just as I thought I wasn't going to listen to much Hip Hop this year, I heard this record and I Hip Hop drew me right back in. I love when it is able to do that. Boom Bap with lyrical content. This is Hip Hop and it makes my heart smile. Tracks of Note: Represent, Memory Lane,  Halftime.

1. The Dreamer. The Believer. - Common 
Late add to the list, before today, number one would've been Elmatic. But much like Elzhi, Common reassured my love for Hip Hop with this release. I picked it up today and already listened to it five times. Tracks of Note: The Dreamer,  Lovin' I Lost, Cloth.