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Sunday, October 9, 2011

thinking too much

Just caught myself staring at the floor in my basement for three minutes. Clear head. Empty thoughts. Meaningless stuff. Just not thinking. Heavily. Black stares. Mentally exhausting few days. Some things raised new unanswered questions. Somethings just stayed the same. Reminds me of the times when I was able to pack up a marker and walk around the city streets to express myself while blasting my walkman. Headphones on head. In my own little bubble thinking. Thinking too much. A good friend once told me that I think too much. Think of things that are there, but make them way bigger then they need to be. Keep it simple, stupid, I try to say to myself. It never works. I pound stuff over and over again in the dome until I am so far away from the original thought. I have a new bubble. A new medium to get things out on the table to see a virtual hard copy of my thinking. Works sometimes. Most of the time, I just tend to make things worse. Man up. Just go with the flow. Let the pieces fall into place organically. Things will work out. Sometimes, it's harder to just let it be without not being able to do anything. Handcuffed while things just happen and feeling you have no power to change any of it. That's how it happens. How it needs to be. In the end of it all, you just gotta trust on destiny that'll come out A OK. Let the thoughts continue.