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Friday, October 14, 2011

it ain't no whip cream..

Apple pie with no whip cream. My first thoughts this morning. Decided on going with the Eggo Waffle. Dependable. Always there. Good for a nice sweat breakfast. Didn't hold for long, though. Thinking of giving that apple pie a second look. Without the whip cream, of course. Yogurt? Sure. Had that the other day. So good. I needed something sweet on my palate today. Just in that mood. Sweetness. Hot water is boiling. Gonna make some tea. Herb tea. Best. If it were nicer out, I would go have my second helping of breakfast outside. Rain. Wetness. Thinking of staying warm and dry. Guess the morning walk is out. Ditto for picking up the mail. And that little errand I was going to do today, too. I might just brave it. What the hell. I like the rain. It's nice. It ain't no whip cream on apple pie, though.