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Monday, October 3, 2011

coffee shop addict..

I think I know where every seat with an extension cord is at in every coffee shop by my place by now. Yes. I have been going to coffee shops way too often these days. My drinking days are getting tired and my smoking habit has been getting old. Not that I don't enjoy either. I kind still do, but I rather do it less these days. I know. I know. I always seem to go through this kick at this time of year. Every year. I am not going to quit. Yet. Just saying I have consumed many tea's and coffee's and hot something or others with sprinkles on top. I don't know. The coffee girl was cute and she offered me a free cookie with it. I also enjoy the fact that I can go there with my computer and enjoy a quiet day or night working and not have be at home. The thinking of every time I go out I must get intoxicated has been taking over by I just need to get out and do stuff. Constructive stuff. Friends who live for the bottle I have been growing less found of. I guess it's a matter of passion in oneself and the fact I'd rather build my mind rather than destroy it. Funny but, since I had a drink or smoke, I feel smarter in the morning. I know about the whole refreshed thing. That was the one thing I always enjoyed when I was on that sober streak of '08. This time, however, it feels like I am just getting more constructive ideas. And have the energy to go after them. Amazing, huh. Today. I might just go to the Tim's down the street. Back section. Left corner. The one closest to the washrooms. Two plugs there, I usually use.