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Monday, October 3, 2011

citynews bringing it back to basics..

I neve liked CP24. The station has become what seems to be an university broadcasting class trying to pull off a concise, up-to-the-minute, fast news television station in the Big City. Not doing. That's why I was happy to read a few months back that CITY-TV was getting back in the news game. The all news game. It's fitting that the largest Canadian market has two news stations. One of which also has a little brother that has been catering in news since the early 90s. With 680 News by CITY NEWS side today, Rogers officially kicked off the its new venture. Clean. Fast. And Everywhere. They're getting back to the basics. No pet shows. No filter. Just the news. Yeah. It could be a bit repetitive, but the station is not there to watch all day. It's there to inform. Borrowing the same structure of 680, the station has traffic, weather, sports and business frequently with a friendly looking format. It'll take a few months of smart marketing and cleaver positioning to get Toronto heads to move over from CP24 but it shouldn't be too hard. CITY has come out with the better product and has the more trustworthy cast of characters. Getting back to the basics. Everywhere. My news choice changed today.