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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

picking up after the decline..

Things are declining. Not sure what. Not sure when, but i feel it. A slow decline in things. I felt it last week when I got some news that I was not expecting. News that I didn't want to hear. I decided besides getting depressed over it, I would twist it and make it into a positive. Things happen for a reason, as Pops would mutter. Throwing myself into work and being creative. Still haven't been able to touch that painting, yet. Maybe this weekend. The long weekend. I can almost feel fall. I was able to almost smell it on Saturday night. That chill. The smell of nature. Leaves loosing their grip. The allergies decided to make yet another visit this week. Have you ever tried maintaining a running nose while HTML coding? Not fun. Not to mention the burning and watery eyes. Need to wipe often. Need to keep motivated. Make sure to save document. Don't want to do this all over again. Frustrating. Things will pick up. They always do after a decline.