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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

the in between

Today's a good hair day. That's what happens when you're in the in between part of it growing back. Before it goes from really short to really long, it's at that point where it's just there. Not long. Not short. Just there to cause you headaches and mild depression. Egotistical vanity problems that don't have to be. I know. They just happen. Depression shouldn't be stroked by a bad hair day. I know that. It just happens. Are we just that into our looks? Sad. Anyway. Today is a good hair day. I woke up and it feels like the hair just wanted to make me feel good and fell right where they're supposed to be. These are the days when I think of not getting that haircut I was debating last weekend and just letting it grow. I tend to choose the length choice every year as it's easier. And cheaper. Let it grow. Shave it in Spring. Let it grow again till next year. One haircut a year. Best of both worlds. Saved myself a few dollars every few months and I look good to all the girls. I just need to get through that in between part and I'll be fine.