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Saturday, July 23, 2011

addiction killed our songstress..

It's one of those days that make me sad. Sad for the millions of people who lost out on a tremendous talent gone too soon. Way before she was supposed to. Less than a decade after she graced us with her soulful voice and charismatic ways. Only releasing two studio albums, now we will never know what could've been.

Amy Winehouse joins the 27 Club. That VIP clique upstairs that quit too soon. That burnt out rather than fading away. I always think how good of a show that would be upstairs to have all those young rockers putting on a concert for their adoring fans. I always think. What if.

What if Amy said Yes to Rehab? The truth is, she had a disease.


Addiction is a disease that many overlook as a true killer but kills thousands every year.

Addiction is something that they have no power over anymore. It's a body and mind thing. They become so dependent on the substance of choice that they need it to survive. Like food. Or water.

Amy had her ups and downs. At the end, it's the disease that won. When artists look for inspiration they tend to look for the pain inside of them to create. Some artists can go into The Zone without any help from substances, but some can't. They need that extra boost to get them into That Place. That place where they feel. Where they can go in depth of what they experienced in their life and put it down on paper. It's because of these Zones some of the greatest songs were penned. Some of the best instrumentals were strummed. Sadly, Amy gave up her life for her art. The art that millions will continue to listen to and enjoy.

If you have never been there. If you haven't suffered from addiction, don't be too quick to place blame. It's a rough road and an extremely hard battle to win if you're not 100% willing to overcome it. Something that some still battle even though they've been cured for years. One setback could be death. Amy did her best. She lost the good fight.

Amy Winehouse was in our lives for such a short amount of time but made some of the best music from the past ten years. She sang from her soul and now the soul rests quietly.