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Saturday, June 4, 2011

the school bus dream

Got a nap in this afternoon. Patio drinking yesterday afternoon which became a late night bar hop fest, got me limping around today and just wanting to curl up in bed, and let the Saturday become night and roll into Sunday. Had this dream, and thought I'd share. Super quick one, but it left an impact on me. Never had a dream like it. Had to share..

I'm on a school bus. Regular long, yellow bus. I'm the only one on it. There's a huge flat screen TV at the front. It's showing some videos of people I don't know. Some people with suits come on. I sit down and wondering what is going to happen. They then talk about someone who I don't know and how they'll be missed. The guy talking then gives me a bouquet of flowers wrapped in the Canadian flag. I leave the bus and a choir is there humming some ritual about overcoming hard times. I walk towards them, nod my head and then walk off. Walk off holding the flowers and the flag.

I wake up.