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Monday, June 27, 2011

the right pinch..

Just the right pinch of peppers, salt, oregano, sour cream and curry powder, my curry chicken came out well this afternoon. cooked it up for an early dinner treat. Enough to last the night. The side of nan bread sparked the idea over the weekend when I went grocery shopping. Been feeling tired lately, but am still trying to be up and be creative. It's a short week as I'm heading down south for an extra long weekend. Going to do some early Birthday celebrations with the family and friends while working on some other stuff. It'll be a good way to officially start the summer of 2011. Away from everything for a bit will be a great time to reflect, acknowledge, ponder, appreciate, discard, be thankful and love. It'll be time to regroup and grow. Life can get very busy at times that you don't realize it till you have a breakdown and start to yell at everyone. Anywhere. It's not till you realize you're not mad at them. You're mad at life and you're stressed and you need to take a time-out. Time-out from life. Get focused and reevaluate my priorities. Life is too short to have headaches worrying about things you can't control. It's meant to be positive. With the right pinch of pepper to spice things up once in a while.