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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

till tomorrow..

Taking a breather from packing. Again. I feel like I was already down this road not a month ago. No worries. A mini-vaca from the last one. Got a bit of a cold. Trying not to overexert myself. Taking a bunch of naps in between sorting and remembering what to bring and what to leave back. That's the good thing about staying with fam. You can leave out some stuff because you know they'll have it. The little stuff. The stuff you usually always forget when you go on real vacations and don't remember until you're unpacked in the hotel room.

The rainy day is also bringing me down which isn't really helping myself from getting better. Rain just make me wanna sneeze. Thinking of walking in it, pellets falling on me. Car swooshing through the puddles hitting me as they zoom by. One reason why I believe colds have more to do with your mental being than your physical. But that's just me. That was the dryer. Gotta go unload. Then, Another serving of grapefruit. Till tomorrow?