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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

humble and colleen gone from boom?

Woke up this morning doing my regular morning web-rounds when I cam across a nasty looking rumor from radioland. A rumor I didn't want to hear. Especially on a good day like today. Seems like Astral axed Boom morning team Humble Howard and Colleen Rusholme. Howard did the morning duties solo yesterday while longtime Toronto rocker and former station morning man Stu Jeffries is fronting the show today. A good indication that the show has been rocked is that all cyber fingerprints of the morning duo are gone from the stations site. However, the page still comes up via a Google search, said radio spy Mike Boon. This just comes days after the firing of the Z103 morning show. I don't see a connection but thinking it's pretty odd that two stations have said goodbye to their successful crews.

As more information comes available, I will post it. Crazy week worldwide. Who knew it would be in radioland, too.