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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

automatic for the people

Today I reconnected with REM's classic Automatic for the People. The album spoke to me from the first time I put it in the cassette deck one afternoon in the spring of 1992. Whenever I had some type of teenage trouble. Depression drought. Sad situation, I popped in the tape and it helped me. It became the soundtrack to my life. Every song had a reason to hit me in a certain way. The album cuts to the singles to anything in between, I believe that the whole album is one of the most important albums in my life and kinda explains to everyone about how my life was like for a decade. Today when I heard the album again for the first time in years, it all came back. Happy memories. Sad recollections. Stuff in between. But it just reminded me that I have overcome and continued to move forward and progressed and of course, grew stronger. I moved on but always able to look back remembering when along with everyone, I also hurt.