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Friday, May 13, 2011

almost lost the faith.

Yesterday Blogger was down. Woke up and it was still down. I read that when it shut down, locking millions of bloggers, writers and occasional web doodlers out of their cyber offices, they also stole some of our work. Work that many spent hours on. I lost faith. I was thinking about switching servers. I thought I would start up a whole new page. But then I realized I have three years invested in this site. Everything I have is promoting this URL. I couldn't. Just happy it's back up and running. Anyway, all is done and it's Friday. It's hot out. Where is that rain, anyway? Working on some production stuff for the podcast today which has had me locked up in the basement all day re-working, beat matching and cutting and pasting mp3s together. I haven't done this type of work since broadcasting school. Back then we didn't have computer programs. Only a blade and reel-to-reel tape. Mark. Cut. Move. Tape. Repeat.

As you get ready to shut off the computer for another week, and put on the shades to start off the weekend, here's some Canadian talent for you to get motivated. If you live in Toronto, I'm sure you will recognize the sights. This weekend, also be sure to check out the Circle Research podcast.