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Thursday, April 28, 2011

the gray hair dream..

I could really have named this dream entry a whole bunch of things, but I thought that the whole gray hair part really stood out. That's why I stuck with that as the title of the piece. It was one crazy long dream last night that felt like it went on for at least 9 hours. In reality, I only got just under 3 hours. There's a lot to remember. Trying to but can't. Some parts are still fuzzy. Going to give it a shot.

I'm in my room. Awake. I use my finger to transport from one point to the other. I point to the window and suddenly, I'm there. I point to the door and I go there. I open the door and my friend is there. He tells me to get ready. Gotta go graduate. I appear at a school and there's around 100 people in a large room wearing the blue garb with the hat. We're rehearsing for graduation. They ask me to do the walk-on-stage-get-the-diploma bit. I walk towards the stage. But turn around. I repeat this a few times. Can't get on the stage. I get confused. Stressed. I ask to go to the washroom. I go to the washroom. Wash my hands. Look in the mirror and I'm gray. My whole head is gray. Shaved and gray. My two day beard is even gray. I get scared. I don't want to go back out there. Aren't I just in high school? Why am I gray already? I wonder what's happening. I escape and go to the nearby plaza. Get a coffee and sit down. Everyone is looking at me. Wondering what's up. I run to the washroom. Open the door.

I wake up.