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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

back in '83 i was an emcee sparkin'...

Tried to be in bed today. Couldn't do it. I had to get up. This is why I'm back on here. This is why I'm putting pressure on my ankle. This is why I'm trying to find something to do while still feeling kinda tired. I'm wondering how a twisted ankle can make you feel tired like I am feeling today. Gotta pop another couple of pills and do some cleaning and listen to Illmatic on blast in the basement and try to do some work. I made some soup for lunch. A good little mix of chicken broth, tomato sauce, garlic, cheese, spinach and asian noodles. Turned out pretty good. Added some fresh tomatoes on the side. Perfection.

Ankle is still sore. Not hurting as much though. Not too hard to go up or down the stairs anymore. It's just basic pain. It'll pass. More drugs are needed. Yes. Drugs.

While I was going stir-crazy in my bedroom this morning, I thought back to the days when we stayed home from school and we enjoyed the luxury of being able to stay in bed all day. Mom would bring in the Tele and will make you all your meals and bring them in and you will eat in bed while you get everything else you wanted. You just needed to slip in a sneeze, cough or some type of vomit sound in there once in a while, and you're gold. As we grow older, we don't like to stay still. Be inactive from the electronic world of social media, blogs and online gaming. We feel like we're missing something. Miss one day, Miss a lot type of thing. Too much things to do. Can't afford to be at home. Pay bills. Afford that summer road trip down south, save for the house, car, new computer. It's good in a sense, but sometimes, we should allow ourselves to be a kid again and have someone else take care of us. Make us breakfast. Bring us our medication. Take our temp. Think of it as a mini-vacation. I hate feeling helpless. I hate not being able to be mobile. But I do love being able to take a breather once in a while and appreciate life. Life. What goes by while we're busy doing other things when being well.