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Friday, March 18, 2011

vivid dreams in my head

Vivid dreams are always the best. When you are in that state of being awake and sleep, you are wondering if this is real or not. If you're actually flying around with a red elephant and a huge spliff. That dream didn't go down, but I'm sure everyone have had similar ones. Here are a couple that happened this week.

I am in a huge theater by myself. Eating popcorn and drinking a huge Coke. The movie starts to play. The movie ends up being my dreams. All of them. In order. My dream history literally flashing before my eyes. The movie ends. I walk out of the theater and see some friends. I tell them what happened. They tell me that everyone is able to do that. Record dreams and watch them later while in a conscienceless state. Awesome, I think.

This last one I had last night. I'm in my room running around looking for my camera. I see a bunch of different ones. Different sizes, shapes, types, makes, but none of them are mine. I hear some talking downstairs. I'm dressed up in a nice suit and I'm bugging out about how my hair looks. Constantly looking in the mirror. I find my camera. I head downstairs. As I'm rushing down, I'm making sure my camera is working. I then see him. Russell Simmons. He's in my house doing some PR stuff for his clothing line. I walk up to him and talk business with him. He tells me he likes how I look and wants to use me in one of his ads. We pose of a picture.

I wake up.