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Friday, March 11, 2011

tragedy and staying strong for the team..

Left you off last night when I just learned about the devastation that's known as the Earthquake in Japan and the Tsunami that shortly came after and rocked what seems like the rest of the world. As I turned off my computer, I grabbed my hot herbal tea and went upstairs. Straight to bed and turned on the news channel to learn more. I fell asleep with breaking news reports sneaking into my sleeping thought process and woke up knowing it'll be worse. As I got up, I ventured downstairs just waiting to find out the death toll and what else has happened to our world. It's times like these when we start to consider the world Ours. Not just yours. You open it up and realize that there's more people living here than you and your insignificant problems and your crew of 10 people. We start to care for the others out there. People who we have never met. People who we have met a few times and have traveled abroad to start a new life. We start to take in. We start to love and be less selfish. Sad that only when this type of devastation occurs that we feel like this. We open up our hearts to the rest of the world. Or realize that there's others out there.

While you state that you're praying for everyone that has been effected by the tragedy, you start to get depressed and look at life on that grander scale. That scale that you can't really control unless your name is Mother Nature. You sit at home and feel sorry for what happens to others who are just doing what you're doing but on the other side of the world while you are happy, free, healthy and safe just around the corner. And by corner, I mean a millions miles away in another continent. You can't get depressed. You can't get down.. You have to remain strong. It's like that classic scene in a war movie. While your buddies are dying and bleeding beside you, you have to start to think about yourself so you can be strong for them. So you can take care of them.

So the lesson of the day is this. Get out of that rut. Turn on the television. Put on some music. Find a laughing baby. Uplift yourself and make yourself feel better. Laughter, smiling, is that medication that makes you stronger and makes you realize that life does have some good stuff going for it. This is your intense workout before the big fight. The fight against that unknown power that seems to cause sadness and death around the world every year. Never forget, before you can give love you have to love yourself and with that, you have to be in tip top shape. Turn off the news this weekend and put on a smile. It'll do your body good.