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Monday, March 21, 2011

letting my ideas come out to play...

For most of the day, I was having a huge thing of writers block. As per usual, the writers block became a headache. The headache became aggravation. Aggravation became moodiness. Moodiness became me walking around not knowing what to do. I finally decided to cook up some fried cod with onions and lemon juice and watch a movie. I went to my favorite streaming site and decided upon Limitless. This is not a review for the flick, but I will say that it was overall pretty good. The soundtrack was top drawer. The movie had its ups and downs. It lost my concentration in the middle and was kinda predictable. I'm sure if I were in a movie theater environment and not in front of my computer with so many distractions, I would think differently about it. By the last part of the movie, I was inspired to write. Movies do that. Give me ideas. Unlock that locked door inside my brain to let out all these fun creative ideas that were trapped up for so long. My house smells like burning. I made some popcorn. Most of them turned out black. I never really trusted popcorn bags that were ready under 2 minutes, anyway. The cod was good. Reminded me of my mom's saltfish. Just missing the potatoes.

The Lesson of the day: Inspiration is there for you to grow from. You just have to look deep enough to see it and understand it and grow from it. Then use it to your advantage. Learn what these things are and stick with them if they help you positively. It could be music, movies, TV, books, talking to a special someone, nature. Like that true love, never let it go when you find it. It'll be there for when you are at the lowest and then something will click, and those creative creatures will be unlocked from that stuffed up room. So they can come out and play.