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Saturday, March 5, 2011


Alive. That's saying a lot. Sometimes, you just got to wing it. Go with the flow and express your negative beliefs and opinions on either paper or to anyone who would listen. If that doesn't help, Freestyle it. Turn up a crazy instrumental boom bap beat or a soft jazz oriented flavor. Hand waving like Flav and head bumping like a B-Boy with his hat backwards and backpack full of spray paint and vinyl. Whatever gets you through. I'm down with whatever. It makes me go from day to day and able to see my nephew and nieces again and remind me why I want to be here on this earth till I grow old and gray and have a hunch back and recollect the greatest generation ever. My point? When you are stressed, just think that it can be worse. It could easily be worse. In a heartbeat it could be fifty times worse. But it isn't. Deal with it. You'll get through it. Be happy you are alive and this will just be another notch in your hat saying something that you overcame. Be strong. Head up and I'm certain you'll survive.

By the way. This is such a deja vu moment. But that's a totally different story. For another time.